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Tried and Failed but yet Succeeded


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So something I want to share with the Ex and present Military Community and I would really like to get your thoughts on this.
I was Reg F for approx 4 yrs and served with LFWA,1 PPCLI then off the 1 SVC Bn, then in 2006 at the height of it all I was pretty done in Edmonton and took a Reserve transfer and became a Class B Reservist for the greater part of my career after that I stayed Class B. After a few years and I was with a Infantry Unit again, I love the Infantry Units some of the best places to work and really serve even when with the 1st I use to go over to the 3rd and help out in Admin matters. As a RMS clk you see it all and read it all the stories to the boys day in day out and as devastating as it use to get the morale get's you through even if the guys are going through things. I have had good buddies who 1 week into tour and 1 IED later were done and I use to live in the barracks the culture is different that's when you are with everyone and for everyone no matter the Garrison Job and thanks to Gen. Hiller it was a solider first policy so it was quite the something.
So moved out to Reserves and I saw the the hierarchy make judgement calls on soldiers, "this guys is faking it" screw him this is what I need you to do. After about 2yrs my release was coming up on a 3B and well at that point I had seen so much wrong and decisions by these accountants who were CO's, plumbers who were RSM's and come once a week and know it all and make these calls and tell me to do certain things which I never agreed with. I had been preparing to try and fix something before I left and I wrote down everything I had a issue with and the wrong these part time decision makers were coming up with, and I have never been the one to not tell a solider what he is entitled to and what he can fight for as per the Reg's and I use to pass them on as things went behind my COC just so I would not be the obvious target. So as I got my Msg From DMCA with a release date on it I drafted up a memo and I went to CBG I went to the G1 and my old WO who was now a MWO of CBG "not listing units and CBG for obvious reasons" in any case I wrote up a 15 page memo and took it to them and I wanted them to have my back as I was passing my own unit's COC because I was listing the Adit, the RSM, the CO in this memo, would be stupid if I went through the COC, only thing I asked for was have my back and I can't go back there till my release date and I was assured I make it official and they will get me out of there till my date. Well I should have known better I went ahead and made it official only to be told I have to go back there and that the SIr's and the Ma'am's had tried there best. Well I could not go back there and as much as I fought I had started clearing out, got given my CD as a here you go and handed my AWOL papers even though I had doctors note covering me but they didn't care a point had to be made and well that was me, as a Clk I had covered my basis and I knew better but it did not matter I was going it get it no matter what, I called a AJAG officer in Quebec and explained the situation to him and was advised if I wanted to stick to my release date then take back the memo, and I asked the sir how can a unit overturn Ottawa and he said they certainly can till you either take it back or stay in till there is resolution and the unit can overrun DMCA if they so choose to do so, well I have never heard or ever seen or experienced that and I always thought NDHQ is the utmost authority when it comes to release and careers, well was I ever wrong. SO 14yrs in service not a single negative anything on my pers file I always did what I was told but my last week they ensured that I shall pay a moral price and I certainly did. The unit even to this day is the same, I could not do anything, I would love to still do something but don't know how. Does anyone have a recourse of correcting that place, which I would love to do in some capacity. I have never gone back to see anyone in the units, I left and I left like that it devastated me, I served with honour and I looked out for the soldiers as per my occupation and this is what I got for it at the end. The end was I got a call 4 months later from the MWO who told me he that he spoke with career managers for the Adit and CClk and got them posted out so even though he couldn't do anything officialy this is the best official way he could carry through. I felt good but it wasn't going to take away 14yrs leaving with last week of AWOL because more so ever than being proud of what I had done in service it broke me Moraly, Ethically, My Integrity and here I thought the Canada and people that I was serving should have meant more for me. I was bitter but it was bitter sweet at the end.

I would love for someone to tell me how I can still go back besides the Ombudsman which I find are great what we should do and no one listens because this trajectory will keep on going on over there till something is done. Any guidance or feedback is much appreciated, and well if anything I hope you can take away what happens when the King wants it no matter the CFAO's the DAOD's, the CBI's the APM's the anything of what is written. Thank you for reading I know it's a lot but that's a career summarized. I would still never join the Air Force or the Navy lol. Army all the way.
No idea what you’re on about. This is the post equivalent of Homer’s make-up shotgun.