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Rogue Heroes

With him taking command, I’m curious if season 2 will work to shift this at all..?

He turned out to be a better commander than Stirling, apparently, although I'm sure the BBC will screw up that part too ;)

Paddy Mayne and the SAS: The man behind the legend​

L-Detachment had been re-designated as 1 SAS Regiment on 28 September 1942, and now Mayne, promoted to major himself, was its standard bearer in Stirling's absence.

Contrary to his reputation as a stereotypical action hero, Ross says that Mayne's side as solicitor now emerged as he came to be, in Ross' view, probably a better administrator than Stirling.

To be sure, an authoritarian side also emerged, but this too seems indicative of his care and commitment to professionalism, training and mission prep. He seems to have cared very deeply about men killed under this command and worked extraordinarily hard to prevent their deaths.

The SAS' next incarnation as 'the Special Raiding Squadron' (SRS) was certainly very successful, as it worked its way over defensive positions in Sicily and then up the western side of the Italian peninsula.

These actions are noteworthy for two things: Difficult objectives achieved and relatively low casualty rates, a testament to Mayne's careful stewardship.

Dead on... the awful Ulster accent alone is worthy of a lawsuit.

But that's never stopped the BBC in the past...

BBC does one of greatest war heroes - Blair Mayne - a 'massive injustice' in SAS: Rogue Heroes​

A Northern Ireland museum curator believes SAS Rogue Heroes – the BBC drama based on real events – has done one of the country’s greatest war heroes a massive injustice.

David McCallion who runs War Years Remembered said the six part series exploring the origins of the SAS, co-founded by Ulsterman Robert Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne, was “entertainment not education”.

David said: “Yes it’s a drama but I feel that it was a wasted opportunity to highlight the real men behind the SAS as well as Blair Mayne, rather than the fiction written by certain authors in the past.

“It has done one of the greatest war heroes to leave our isles and his family a massive injustice.”

The two ex regiment guys in the podcast above say as much.
Back to the show.

It was an enjoyable show to watch though the downtime.

Question: was it really in the field in the day...night club at night? Or every other day? If so our grandfather's really did do "war" Better....lol I'm joking.