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Reserves CT


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Is it possible to complete all the necessary courses and DP's required while being within the reserves and CT to reg force but then not having to go to Saint Jean. Does any amount of time spent and reg force courses done while within the Pres come at par with the reg force ? Or do
we have to attend Saint jean regardless ? And how does Csor from within the reserves work.


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Depends on your trade and time in. You can transfer into the reg force without having to redo any training. I've never heard of anyone I know that has ever had to go back and do BMQ again. I know someone who went reg force and was given the option of going straight to battalion or redoing DP 1. That was many years ago and that individual had only been in for about a year and a half. I've know a lot of MCpls who have gone who have intially lost the leaf, but they keep the qualifications because there is no difference between the reg force/reserve PLQ/whatever the course is named this week.