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Replacing the Subs


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So you need something like an underwater proximity fuze?
They exist (magnetic, pressure, for example). It's that an underwater explosion has to rely on the explosive pressure wave to damage a torpedo, not submunitions. This isn't as reliable to damage them as say old submarines, which have air inside of them.

You could knock it off course and make it use more fuel or damage its control surfaces/propulsion and that would be a kill. Still not the easiest. Or just get really close when your ATT blows up.

The US gave up on their system for a few reasons, one was false detection rates. Atlas Electronik solution is interesting as it uses the ships current ASW sensors to help with targeting, as well as using rocket propulsion to get the ATT out quickly towards the incoming enemy torp.

I don't know too much about it other than the nerdy publicly available info.