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Pension and CPP


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So I have just been told by a retiree that once you start getting CPP that it comes off of your military pension. How does that work?


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Bridge Benefit—Canadian Armed Forces pensions

You get a Bridge Benefit to age 65, then that BB drops off when you get your CPP. You can also take a reduced CPP like everyone who has contributed to CPP, if you take it early starting at age 60, or 61 etc. The reduction is calculated the same for every contributor to CPP. To the best of my knowledge if you take a reduced CPP at age 60, it does not effect the BB. but at age 65 the CPP amt you receive will be less than the BB you have been receiving, thus there will be a reduction to your total pension, but you have been collecting a reduced CPP from e.g. 60 plus your military pension that included the BB.

The link above details the BB with FAQ's.


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At age 65, your pension under the CFSA will be reduced, based on a formula spelled out in the act.  If you are still serving, accessing your online pension information will show you the forecast amount of the reduction.  (This is referred to as the bridge benefit).

This amount may or may not be similar to the amount of CPP you receive.  Your CPP amount depends on your lifelong CPP insurable earnings.  If you retire from the CAF and never work again, your CPP amount may be less than the bridge benefit.

In addition, you may elect to draw CPP as early as age 60, and receive a reduced amount.  Alternatively, you may elect to draw CPP late, increasing your benefit.

There are multiple variables in every person's situation.  But, basically, at age 65 the bridge benefit on your CFSA pension disappears.  You may start drawing CPP at any age between 60 and 70, and that CPP amount depends on a large number of variables (work history, age when you draw etc).