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Initiatives launched to retain and increase RCAF personnel experience levels

Yeah a good friend of mine was medically released from the CAF for UoS. He received his notice just after he returned from a combat sortie in Iraq. Talk about a backwards system....
Apologies perhaps for taking this thread on a bit of a tangent, but a friend of ours through our daughter has been fighting release due a medical condition. During that time, courses, promotion and posting were all on hold as he worked through the various appeal avenues. Last summer he was told all is good - they are re-drafting the 'universality' guidelines. He got his courses, a promotion and a cross-country posting. Sold his house and had the confidence to start a family. Two days ago, he received his notice of release.

He is otherwise extremely fit, well educated and dedicated (well, perhaps not now) and, in my opinion, an asset to the CAF.

I'm not going to pass judgement on whether the medical condition does or doesn't justify release, but perhaps if the CAF didn't jerk its people around it might get a better reputation as an employer.

End rant.

That sucks. I know someone in the exact opposite position he works two half days a week with no real hope of getting better and they won't release him. It seems like the medical system will always give you the opposite of what makes sense.