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Great Names in the Royal Canadian Armour Corps

George Wallace

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Aquilus Lupin asked me to
"give instances of good armour officers you have seen, or just in general what a 'good' armour officer would be and do?"
There are many on this forum that will like to put in their opinions.  Who are the 'great' leaders in the RCAC, not only in the Officer Corps, but also among the ranks as well.

We can start with MGen F.F. Worthington who was combat experienced prior to his service to Canada, and had the forsight, imagination and fortitude to push for and create the Royal Canadian Armour Corps. 

BGen Radley-Walters is another great Armour Corps Officer and anyone who has met him can tell you how different he is from the present crop of officers.  Again a combat veteran and proponent of the Armour Corps.  It is very unfortunate that the book he was writing on leadership and most of his memoires were destroyed in a fire.

MGen Clive Milner is another of the Corps finest officers.  BGen Jean Prosper Gautier, BGen George Bell and BGen Pat Grieve also fit into the category of fine Armour Officers.

I consider LGen J.K. Dangerfield and MGen Clive Addy as bosses that I have served under as good Armour Officers. 

I've also have to mention names as Reg Turner, Sterling Mercer, Leroy MacAdam, Rick Smith, Rick Round, Mike Tanquay, Jim Derby, 'Del' Delviano, and a few others, who as NCO's and Officers held the highest standards and qualities of Armour leaders.

The list is long, and I am sure I have left many out in this quick submission.  We can discuss qualities as we progress.

Names that don't fill the bill as 'good leaders' should be another topic, not here.........No Names, NO PACK DRILL.

I would also throw in to the mix two present serving Generals.  I agree, that we have to stay away from the negative side......

But, on the positive side, both Walt Natynczyk and Rick Hillier.

I have a lot of respect for both, from the time that they were young troopies, up until now.
WN was my first Squadron OC and RH was my last CO before I remustered. :)
Both Colonels Matt MacDonald and Walt Natynczyk were sorrily missed when they were promoted higher.  It is interesting to note that the two of them, and Rick Hillier, went down to Ft Hood to become Deputy Comds of 3rd Armd Div.  Another sorrily missed person was RSM Luc Rousseau when he left the Corp and Army.  Generals MacDonald and Natynczyk, along with CWO Rousseau were 'Soldiers' soldiers' who put their men first and were never above getting their hands dirty and giving their men a hand in even the minimal of tasks.

George Wallace said:
I consider LGen J.K. Dangerfield and MGen Clive Addy as bosses that I have served under as good Armour Officers.  


I to agree on JK Dangerfield, as I serverd under him in Germany.
No, not Deputy Commanders of 3 Div.

Deputy Commanders of 2 Corps.  Which means that they are deputy commanders of a force much larger than our army!

Walts over in Iraq now, as deputy commander of 2 Corps.
Correct....for a whole year too, if I remember correctly....

too many aluminium mess tins......

Anybody ever hear of a gent by the name if RSM Rothenberg .....................scary guy ........scary good I mean!
Im not sure where he is now ......the last time I heard he CF R'd to the lofty heights of Capt . I knew him in Lahr.
Hears an oldey but a goody.......A Strath names WO Breckinridge.
How about a RCD called WO Breckingridge? 

Or a Strat..........CWO............Mr. Slainy?

The only Breckinridge was a Strat, was Mr Slainy the RSM of the School in the eraly-mid 80s?How about WO Jim Ward 8CH ?
Marty said:
The only Breckinridge was a Strat, was Mr Slainy the RSM of the School in the eraly-mid 80s?How about WO Jim Ward 8CH ?

Mr Slainy was Base Chief at CFE Lahr in the early '80s.  You may be thinking of RSM Cady?

Ron Breckenreid was an RCD, as was Ron Brownridge, in the early and mid 80's.  Ron Reckenreid was a Strat before and after.  I was confusing both as Breckenridge.

Mr Slaney was RSM of the Straths in the very early 70's, I think 71-73, then went on to be RSM of the Officer Candidate School in Chilliwack, from 73 to 75, I think.  I'm not too sure about his time at the School.  I'll check today.
You are exactly right I was thinking of Mr Cady ............He brings back alot of memorys ....gulp......I put the school flag up upside down once ...and I mean once only lol. Everytime I see a flag now I pee my pants and forget who I am for a couple of hours , he wasnt the kind of guy to monce words lol . A good man though .
Darn memory.  I checked, and I was out by a few years....

RSM Slaney was RSM of the LdSH from 68-70, RSM of the Armour School from 70-73, and Base Chief in Chilliwack from 73-75.  I don't know where he disappeared to, then he became CFE CWO in 79 or 80.

Earl Cady was School RSM from 84-87.
Lance Wiebe said:
Darn memory. I checked, and I was out by a few years....Earl Cady was School RSM from 84-87.

Lance....His brother was Chief Cook when you were in Germany...

Yeah.  I still have nightmares.

Remember some of the cooks we were given?  I think we were given them because our chief cook wouldn't fire any of them.  And Recce always got the worst ones, (mind you, they were seldom in a position to eat fresh rats, at least those from the flying kitchen).

I was so happy in A Sqn.  Cooks that could!