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Contigency Cost Move Vs. Contigency Status


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I am trying to get posted back home due to personal circumstances but unsure which way I should word the memo... I am trying to figure out the difference between a cost contingency move vs compassionate posting... It is my understanding that compassionate status means you are undeployable and are unable to perform your duties; Whereas contingency moves are based on personal circumstances that do not limit your deployability and activities.

I don't really care about the career limitations as I my pcat is currently in review for DMEDPOL (which i have been told will most likely be a medical release)

I have been posted away from my partner and I would like to make my way home while i wait response from DMEDPOL (1-2 year wait currently).

I am not going to get into the specifics of all the circumstances but based on injury, would I want to submit a memo for compassionate status or a cost contingency. Technically since i am on PCAT on light clerical work - no force test etc, I am undeployable which would not meet the criteria for cost contingency move... So does that automatically mean my only way is to ask for compassionate status?

Has anyone ever heard of someone getting compassionate status due to injury?

Thanks a lot

Edit: Another possibility I have been wondering about is now that i have a tcat for review for a PCAT at DMEDPOL if i am eligible to be posted to the TC... Could i be potentially posted to a TC back home and then AP'd to my home unit as I can still do the majority of my job...
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A posting to the TC with a cost move may be a possibility. Our tipping point for postings usually occurs once a member starts a second TCat, they cannot be employed ~40 hours per week in a safe capacity, and the prognosis for return to full duties within the next six months is poor. Based upon what you are describing, it sounds like you may be meeting some of these criteria.

We have a very limited number of cost moves allocated to Transition Group each year, and we can use these to post members to a location outside of their supporting TC, but there needs to be a strong recommendation from the supporting clinicians that a member's recovery and reintegration are being negatively impacted by not posting them. The other factor is whether there is appropriate clinical care and chain of command support in the location a member wants to go to. The CAF is responsible for your health care until you release - imagine if we posted you somewhere that had no ability to support your medical needs. In essence, the recommendation from the clinic needs to be something along the lines of, "Bloggins' mental or physical health and wellbeing are currently very negatively impacted by being away from their family/spousal support. This will prevent them from being able to transition out of the CAF and reintegrate successfully into civilian society. We have found that there is sufficient specialist care in the area they wish to move to, and we can safely transfer their care. It is recommended that the be posted to TC XXXXX." Don't try and BS them, they've seen it all, and we do get comments when they think a member is being dishonest. As I don't know the detailed specifics of your situation, I really couldn't offer more advice on that.

When a member is posted to the TC, they are usually put into one of two streams: Return to Duty (RTD) for those folks who are assessed as having a good change of getting back to work, and Transition Out, for those members whose PCat is done, and they breach Universality of Service. If you are posted to a TC, they may try RTD at a nearby unit. The GDMO will tell the TC what you can safely do, and then the RTD Coord will see where they can find employment that matches. For Transition Out, they will look into education upgrading and Vocational Rehab, which can include external job placements - essentially, how can we best set you up for future success as a civilian?

Your best bet is to make an appointment with your supporting TC and see what they say. If you do not know how to reach them, send me a PM and let me know where you are, and I'll get contact info for you. Good luck and I hope all works out for you.
Thank you for the great reply. I sent you a PM.

I can not edit my title but my title is supposed to be Contigency Cost Move Vs Compassionate Status by the way for anyone confused.