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Canadian TOPGUN Pilot

SupersonicMax said:
Except this is based on actual recognition.

Since 1988:

USAF TPS: 3 RCAF pilots topped the course.  Jameel Janjua, Josh Kutryk and Chris Hadfield (https://skiesmag.com/press-releases/canadiantopsusaftestpilotcourse/).
USNTPS: 3 RCAF pilots topped the course. Andrew Soundy, Desmond Brophy and Maxime Renaud

It is fairly rare for foreigners to top those courses. For LIME, his US Navy squadron wanted him there: they gave their one slot to a Canadian.  This is something quite special.

Good on him. Seriously.

We often see Canucks topping the US Ranger courses too, which is also awesome.

What we forget is that Canada is a small country, population wise. When someone from a country of 30 million tops a course in a country of 300 million, that's alot of competitors that they've managed to outperform.

:cdnsalute: :cdnsalute: :cdnsalute:
37 902 835 as of 30 seconds ago: https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/canada-population/
If anyone wants to see the cruise he was a part of, youtube "VFA-143 2019-2020 WORLD TOUR". I spotted him at 3:00.