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Argentina getting Gripen fighters? UK says "NO WAY!!!"


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Can Argentina even afford this considering their current economic woes?

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Argentina Buying Gripens? Brits Say 'No Way'
Nov. 8, 2014 - 04:41PM  |  By ANDREW CHUTER

LONDON — Argentina’s Defense Minister Agustin Rossi surprised just about everybody when he announced on Oct. 21 that his government intended to buy 24 Saab Gripen E fighters to re-equip his nation’s ancient Air Force.

But Rossi’s request appeared to ignore a likely insurmountable hurdle to the sale: Britain, its longtime foe, has a near veto on the export of the combat jet as a result of the substantial number of UK systems in the jet. More than 30 percent of the new version of the Gripen being developed by Saab is supplied by British industry.

Selex ES’ key active electronically scanned array radar, landing gear, ejection seat, electronic system and other sub-systems would all be hit by a British block on military exports to Argentina.