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Anyone know which medals these are?


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Good day all,

My great grandfather wore these medals on his uniform as a Major in the 13th Schootish Light Dragoons Regiment in the early 1900’s.

Any idea what they mean?

Thank you so much!



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They would be regimental shooting awards, not military service medals. It is not uncommon to see them worn in studio photos during the time of his service.
What are the inscriptions (if any) on the items, they are not clear in the photo?  It does appear to be be a lot of "M" on the lower one - perhaps "Maj. . . . ".  If they are inscribed with your great-grandfather's name and rank, are you comfortable sharing it on these means?
I think it says Major Moffat.

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Thank you both for your answer! Appreciated!

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Army33 said:
I think it says Major Moffat.

According to the Militia List dated 1 July 1904, there was a "Maj N.R. Moffatt" on the rolls of the 13th Scottish Light Dragoons.  His date of promotion to Major (*temporary) was 11 May 04.  The 13th was a relatively new cavalry regiment having been converted to that role in February 1904 from an infantry unit, the 79th Shefford and Brome Regiment ("Highlanders").  In the 1 Jan 1904 Militia List under the 79th, N.R. Moffatt is listed as a Captain with date of rank 21 Jun 99.  Major Moffatt is noted in the Militia List of 1 Jan 1914 as the senior Major and 2ic of the 13th Scottish Light Dragoons.

In the 30 Sept 1914 List, Major N.R. Moffatt is included in the Reserve of Officers (R.O.) with the following information DOB 26 Apr 1863;  date of rank 11 May 1904; transfer to the R.O. 28 Sep 1913.  He was given honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel 28 Sep 1913.
Wow thank you for all that information! May I ask where you found that?

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Since the subject medals were for shooting, N.R. Moffatt's name is occasionally listed in Dominion Of Canada Rifle Association annual reports.  There are only a scant few available on-line but a sampling from various show him listed (sometimes as "W.R.") such as,

- in the list of members of the 1900 DCRA http://www.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.8_00268_7/22?r=0&s=1
- among prize winners (#23, prize of $5) for the MacDougall Challenge Cup Match http://www.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.8_00268_5/81?r=0&s=1
-  among prize winners (#73. prize of $4) for the Governor General's Match - Second Stage http://www.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.8_00268_6/117?r=1&s=1
Well thank you very much for the research you have done! Much appreciated!

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