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Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)


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Couldnt find a previous post to this question. If I have my Private (soon Commercial) Pilot License, and I flunk the pilot portion of ASC, may I retry again at a later date? And does having a Private License vs. a Commercial License matter in terms of redo eligibility?

As far as I know from what I have found, I believe that you would have to upgrade your license to prove that you have enhanced your skills in order to take the course again.  I am going tomorrow and I do not have my license, and the recruiter said I would have to get my private license in order to be eligible to take the course again. 

It seems that the best move would be to make sure that you put off actually getting the formal commercial license before going to the ASC, and if it happens to go bad, then you will not have to do too much to get the commercial and be eligible again (after the year wait).

However, I am not in the forces yet and I may be way off on this, so definately talk to a recruiter.

I also think there are some posts on the site about it, so just try different searches until something good comes up.
Straight out of the recruiting bible:

Plt 32 candidates must wait a minimum of one (1) year prior between testing periods in order to be considered for a CAPSS retest. Applications for CAPSS retest are subject to a review of the 'upgrades' obtained subsequent to the last CAPSS test. Candidates must gain skills & ability flying an aircraft before they can be considered for a retest. The attainment or "upgrading" of a Transport Canada Licence (i.e., attaining a Private Pilot's Licence or "upgrading" a Private Pilot's Licence to a Commercial Pilot's Licence) subsequent to initial CFASC testing may qualify a candidate for retest consideration.  

(1) For the purpose of this document "Pilot's Licence" does not refer to the
attainment of an aviation Permit, Rating or Aeroplane Class Rating.

For example:

(a) candidates who did not hold a Private Pilot's Licence at the time of testing
must obtain at least a Private Pilot's Licence before consideration is given
for a retest;

(b) a candidate who held a Private Pilot's Licence at the time of testing must
obtain at least a Commercial Pilot's Licence; and

(c) a candidate who held a Commercial Pilot's Licence at the time of
testing must obtain the Airline Transport Pilot Licence before a
request for retest will be considered.
Ok thanks. I was told by an MCC that once you have your PPL you fail it for life. Which seems kind of harsh. So I am a few hours and a written exam away from my commercial license, basically, would it be wise for me not to send in my paperwork for the license until I finish CAPSS? As currently I do not officially hold a CPL. Multi-IFR yes, but not the tehcnical license. Would this count as upgrading? i.e do they look in depth at what you have done to further your flying skills?

Anywyas Im off to the airport now for a flight actually, thanks for any further help guys. kincanucks thankyou.
What I have posted is in black and white.  You either have what they want or you don't.  What you decide to do is up to you. Good Luck.
if you worry too much about failing, you're going to fail.

Go in with a positive attitude and pass the first time instead of finding ways to try again......
Good advice short final, a positive attitude means every difference in the world.

However back to my original question of the hard and cold rules, it seems the answer has been given. Well that being said I guess Ill hold off the CPL for now. Thankyou again. Unless anybody else has any further information on the rules of repeating and license upgrades from Private Pilot License and up? That answers my question.

Thankyou gents
Multi-Engine, IFR, Night, Float, Ski, etc are all endoursements or ratings and hence not licenses.  Only three licenses meet the criteria, Private, Commercial or Airline Transport.

But after reading through many pages of threads, I still haven't found the answer to a simple question (although I did find lots of other great info).

All I want to know is, does the seat of the sim at ACS move as a plane would move? aka if i bank 20 degrees to the right, is entire thing going to do the same so that i feel like i'm flying a plane that is banked 20 degrees to the right.

I ask because i'm driving 5 hours away to prepare for ACS (i have zero flying experience) and their sim doesn't move around and stuff like that, so the guy i was talking to said it might be worth my while to just get a couple hours of flying under my belt instead of practicing on their sim. I just wanna know if i should do that cause it costs quite a bit more money and i'm at college living off kd and noodles.

I'm sorry and if i can get a simple answer i can understand that this thread will be locked up.
A lot of people with zero experience have made it through ASC. Don't worry about it. Go with an open mind and good luck.
ballz said:
does the seat of the sim at ACS move as a plane would move?

    Yes, CAPSS pitches, rolls, and yaws to simulate the motion of an actual aircraft. But because you're shut up in the capsule without visual reference to the outside, you don't notice it a whole lot.

    Like MG said, don't worry about it. Good luck.
haha well i feel pretty good about it, but none the less i'd rather be prepared. better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it yunno? and if not, the worst-case scenario is that i go to gander flight training and pay some money to have some fun in a plane. thanks a lot guys.
  I went to ACS with about 2 hours on small aircraft, and I feel like it helped a bit. Quite a few people have never touched the controls of an aircraft and do just fine, and some (including a guy on my course) have their private or commercial licenses and fail anyways. Get flight time if you feel like it will help, but beware of picking up bad habits.

  This has all been covered, I recommend searching the site on ASC for more info.


When you start a thread, how about you be more descriptive as to the subject. Saying "i apologize in advance" doesnt tell anyone anything as to what its about. Yourthread could have been called "ACS questions" or something similar, telling members what its about. makes searches more effective. Add that to the fact that your question could have been added to a previous thread about ACS.

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ACS is weird because it's not quite like flying a sim and it's not quite like flying a real plane. It's just ACS, and you have to go through it to be concidered as a pilot. The best advice is always to relax and listen to what the instructors say.

A few hours on a real plane might prepare you better to know where the flight controls will be, but other than that, any preparation you do before ACS won't determine wether you pass ACS or not.
i leave on the 17th and return on the 22nd.. i guess that makes my ACS from the 18th till the 21st or 22nd.
Like all the others have already said, the best advice for CAPSS is an open mind. Trying to prep. using real flight time won't help much since CAPSS handles MUCH differently. If anything, I'd recommend reading up on the instruments and understanding how they relate to one another-->having a good cross-check is the key to ASC.


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