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A ‘mischievous act of defiance gone wrong’: Navy prosecutors say sailor hated life on warship destroyed in fire


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I wonder how common this is.... disgruntled employees can cause alot of damage - without being found out:

A 19-year-old San Diego sailor was so unhappy with his life as a deck seaman after failing to become a Navy SEAL that, in the summer of 2020, he snuck into a vehicle storage area on the amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard and ignited a spark, according to Navy prosecutors. That spark turned into a blaze that, over the next four days, burned and destroyed the $1.2 billion dollar warship, they said.

That’s the story Navy Cmdr. Leah O’Brien told a judge during opening statements in the court-martial of Seaman Recruit Ryan Mays that kicked off this week. Over the past two days, prosecutors have begun to lay the foundation of their case for arson — a charge that could send the sailor to prison for life if found guilty.