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  1. quadrapiper

    EV's, Gas/Oil, and The Future- another swerve split from- JT Hints Boosting Canada’s Military Spending

    Or Korean, or Japanese... that line has been tried before, and I'm sitting in a Tacoma as I write this.
  2. quadrapiper

    EV's, Gas/Oil, and The Future- another swerve split from- JT Hints Boosting Canada’s Military Spending

    Can't imagine anyone who's watched (or lived through) Chinese and Indian smog problems has much enthusiasm for ICE specifically, separate from personal vehicles generally.
  3. quadrapiper

    Replacing the Subs

    Is there anything else that might be launched from or housed in the SLBM cells?
  4. quadrapiper

    Our North - SSE Policy Update Megathread

    Saw a post by @OldSolduer re: subs... And was reminded of this discussion. Feels like, barring enormous and improbable shifts, everyone who builds tanks and IFVs will be busy for the the foreseeable, so, long lead time or not, best to get the order in now. If the lead time is long enough, then...
  5. quadrapiper

    New Army Commander and Army Sergeant Major - 2024

    Equally, trim the speeches: My Legacy (outgoing) and My Vision (incoming) in any detail beyond about five minutes' worth belong at the mess dinner, on the podcast, or in the LANDFORGEN.
  6. quadrapiper

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Absolutely amazed that Trump has lasted this long: must be a genetic lottery winner as far as resilience.
  7. quadrapiper

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Given the stakes, I hope there's an executive order or similar drafted to shift whatever US equipment stocks can be spared to Ukraine should Trump win.
  8. quadrapiper

    Britain's Conservatives planning to bring back compulsory national service.

    I wonder if US conscription would have continued without Vietnam? Between the Cold War's looming threat, WWII "we whipped the Nazis" mythologizing, and the whole Minuteman colonial militia mythos, I could see it continuing in some form to today, either doing a great deal of good (even with all...
  9. quadrapiper

    Current Dress Regs

    I know this keeps getting circled back to, but something that isn't made of specialized fabric and built with complex pockets, knee pad pouches, and the like would be good for office, shop, company lines, and so on. Something with a buttonup shirt in the mix, if someone needs to play in that...
  10. quadrapiper

    Survey Says: "Are you proud to be Canadian? Poll suggests fewer people are feeling that way"

    Wonder how much, too, the willingness in both Canada and the US to say you're proud of the country has been tainted by the (forget the politics, look at the aesthetics and delivery) more addled, fringe "patriots."
  11. quadrapiper

    Infantry Vehicles

    I was speaking specifically to Taiwan.
  12. quadrapiper

    Infantry Vehicles

    Copy. Absolutely not my field, and just guessing at something that might make sense. Seems like the Japanese might be a good source for tanks, if they'll sell abroad, given similar geography and proximity.
  13. quadrapiper

    Infantry Vehicles

    How niche is Taiwan's situation? Seems like it might be a good fit for a dense country with a good road network wanting a rapid-reaction tool.
  14. quadrapiper

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    Noting that it would be a major departure from prior use of the class scheme, but I could see the nations' names being used for whatever-it-is that replaces the MCDVs, especially if it ends up being a more numerous class, or one that actually has an unending, rolling build process.
  15. quadrapiper

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    As well as the size aspect, cruiser has a long history of use (predating using it for specific classes) for vessels operating not immediately within a fleet. Equally, frigate has a long history of "not a capital ship, operates in screening roles with a fleet, or independently." Could see...
  16. quadrapiper

    Cox: Canadians need to get smarter about intelligence-gathering

    And take your pick as to why they'd be here: to influence a US neighbour, to base out of for activities in the US, as a side-effect of what I imagine is the US's own, presumably world-leading, population of overt, covert, and in between entities of all kinds, to gain access to Canada for reasons...
  17. quadrapiper

    Current Dress Regs

    Why not bundle 2. and 2.1 together, at least as far as the base items and excluding mess dress? RCN and RCAF will be need enough of a limited number of patterns to enjoy some economy of scale, and the Army's kit boils down to high-collared jackets, striped trousers or kilt, and an assortment of...
  18. quadrapiper

    The War in Ukraine

    Is the LAV project slow-walking, or is it more akin to the Czechia-led ammunition purchasing scheme, playing catch-up to the Arsenal of Democracy's leisurely, fractured approach? I've no idea on what the turnaround is, but not sure there would have been much point in putting a LAV order in if...
  19. quadrapiper

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    What's the minimum tonnage for a vessel that will presumably be out and about off Labrador and Haida Gwaii to be reasonably livable?