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  1. MJP

    PSHCP - Frustration abounds as public service health plan gets switched to Canada Life

    I don't know, call me crazy but I don't really trust the rantings of one angry dude who is adamant it is totally legit.
  2. MJP

    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    Yea I went to "activist" Uni In Winnipeg and over the four years there it was same same. Like most extreme things today by either side the actual pure numbers of people that GAF or involved are lower than some folks and the media like to make out
  3. MJP

    Element selection: is it our choice?

    There are no RCN Quartermasters in CA units which is the rough equivalent. The Log NCMs however may be any DEU as currently all Log NCM trades are treated as purple throughout their career unlike Log Os who generally matriculate and do developmental positions within their environment.
  4. MJP

    Element selection: is it our choice?

    I know OP said BMQ but they are going as a Log O so element matters in terms of initial postings and overall employment
  5. MJP

    Element selection: is it our choice?

    Your preference is noted but the CAF will choose the final element you get based on CAF needs. You can ask them if you can change before departing on BMQ/BMOQ, no harm in asking. Post BMQ/BMOQ the Logistics world has a process for Basic Training List (BTL) members to change their element that...
  6. MJP

    Canada to Spend $5.0Bil on AEW Aircraft

    It really isn't that big of an issue. I have been involved in both on base and local to base rail loads and while there was bit more coord needed with the local to base, the advantage that you get with local to base is often they are set up much better infrastructure wise. Plus, the rail...
  7. MJP

    Canada to Spend $5.0Bil on AEW Aircraft

    Ha and thanks. That is perfect for AEFC and 3 CSU as needed as the depot doesn't hold vehs. In any case I stand corrected. Both CP & CN have railyards in Edmonton. We don't do it often but we definitely don't drive to Wx CN 53.57757619290009, -113.32779778189634 CP 53.47379060593238...
  8. MJP

    Canada to Spend $5.0Bil on AEW Aircraft

    I might be misunderstanding but their is no railhead at the depot/base. There is a railhead super close for the port that is utilized at times but nothing for depot pay off the base. Edmonton has a rail head close to the base as well. I get folks are chuffed it isn't on base but for the amount...
  9. MJP

    Canada doesn’t matter to the rest of the world - and it’s our own fault

    From the outset there were some support relationships that didn't make much sense and needed adjustment (still do IMHO). One example from 3 Div (that was replicated through the other Divs less 5 Div) was all PRes TAPV support relationships went through the 1 Svc Bn 2nd Line TAPV account, which...
  10. MJP

    Canada doesn’t matter to the rest of the world - and it’s our own fault

    It is such a weird conundrum as the TAPV actually has one of the best methodologies for getting spare parts compared to all our other fleets. When a work order stock demand reaches the depot and they don't have the part it is automatically pegged against TEXTRON and they have contractual...
  11. MJP

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    I suspect it is the ever driving need to make money for shareholders over DEI that drove Boeing into the trashheap. Although it is probably many factors that play into their issues. Ok article detailing some of the issues. As always to be taken with a grain salt NY Mag is pretty left of center...
  12. MJP

    Our North - SSE Policy Update Megathread

    Big, if true Colour me a cautious optimistic skeptic tho :)
  13. MJP

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Nah the main mod is Sigs WO and the rest are just stooges. Mod issues and Reddit go hand in hand as they can have pretty absolute power. I know Army.ca gets dunked on for bad moderation but IMHO that was in the past when we had a cabal of 3-4 crappy mods. At least with this forum you always...
  14. MJP

    First Logistics Officer Course - Air (LOCA) at CFB Winnipeg

    Just state a preference for LSO. HR which is really adminstration is imbedded into both streams. As a leader you will need to know and understand adminstrative direction.
  15. MJP

    Materials Management Tech - Trade Qualification Course

    They run it 2-4 times a year, Spring, Fall & Winter sessions if looking at the past few years work of their training schedule. Next one is tentatively scheduled for 16 April.
  16. MJP

    Release Codes and US Visa Application

    I have no idea on the weight given to the various release items but in terms of grey area, all release items 5 are honourable releases so there is no real grey area. Release Items (4) When an officer or non-commissioned member is released, the notation on his record of service shall be as...
  17. MJP

    Base closures?

    While infrastructure on most bases is old every time I visit Pet it feels like I am in the ghetto of CAF.
  18. MJP

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    That was me trying to figure out the Quebec renoclimate procedure which was linked to the Canada Greener Homes grant, took me forever to sludge through it with more than a few calls to both programs help desk. I am not the smartest apple but I get by, can't imagine the trouble some folks would have
  19. MJP

    Redress of Grievance

    Yes exactly what I said, just not in QR&Oese. The ones I have dealt with have been emails to the CoC or through the Conflict Resolution folks to the IA, whichever was dealing with coording comms. It has been a few years though
  20. MJP

    CAFTDTI Accomodation Interpretation

    @SupersonicMax did you get an answer yet?