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    Bomber formations, split from: Re: Ack Ack Formation

    Something I have always wondered about,given the range of the 50 cal. MG,and the B17 had 12, how many B17s were hit,damaged or even shot down by neighbouring aircraft in their respective boxes. Any thoughts?.                                                 Regards
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    Failing Islamic States - 2011

    The euphoria sweeping the MSM and seemingly the whole World ,on President Murbarak leaving his post is surely a little premature.How does anyone believe that a country that is 116th in GNP per capita ($2771),Canada by the way is 11th at $45888,will ever be able to support the systems and...
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    The Legality of Self Defence In Canada

    What a society we live in,where we cannot even guarantee  the safety of our citizens on PUBLIC transport and even deny said citizen the right to defend themselves out of ridicules  concerns about the human rights of the perpetrators.But in most of Europe`s socialist countries the same...
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    The 150-Year War

    Very interesting topic,should generate a good discusion. Our history of this war has come down to us mainly from the winners,as is usually the case,.The Abolitionist propaganda has been accepted as fact and forms the basis of  this history.The South, IMHO ,was forced into war  by interference...
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    The future of Quebec?

    Wow, It sounds just like France.                                               Regards
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    A Curious Story

    This had something to do with a 4 power agreement limiting the number of Nato troops in Berlin. During my time in Germany,63-66,68-74,78-83,Berlin was always off limits to Canadians.                                       Regards
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    French Senate bans burqa

    In A -Stan or elsewhere in the  the Muslim world I suspect the wearing of the burka or the headscarf is probably a cultural thing and I also suspect this is true of the older generation of immigrants to western countries.However among younger Muslims in the west these are political statements...
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    Old Naval Guard's Random Questions - Canadain Army since WW2

    IN Canada there was no tactical air support.The only evidence I saw in my summer 2  month vacation trips to Wainwright that the RCAF existed was when T33 s played enemy air on a couple of exercises. 4 Brigades tacair was provided RAF Canberras and Hunter FAG 9s,Luftwaffe G91s and F104s,Belgian...
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    Aid workers murdered by Taliban

    Funny how the outrage in the media is somehow,what can I say,subdued,but when the IDF knocks off 9 Turkish (activists)terrorists the whole worlds media goes into a fury of rage.One could almost suspect,dare I say it,antisemitism.                                                   Regards
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    For the size of Canada, how large should our armed force be?

    US leaving?.who told you that?.Ah Obama,do you believe everything he says?.Both Obama and Cameron have added a caveat to their announcements"if the situation allows".We however are simply pulling the plug regardless of the fact that the job is nowhere near complete,Brits and GIs will fill the...
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    For the size of Canada, how large should our armed force be?

    Since WW2 Canada`s military policy has been based on one given,Canada cannot be defended by the CF,therefore we had to join military alliances,NATO,NORAD to help share the load.The responce of the various governments to this situation was to do the absolute minimum to keep our allies from...
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    Are the Harrier and Jaguar "beautiful"?

    RECCEGUY,sorry I missed your post,kinda steals my thunder.                                                                       Regards
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    Are the Harrier and Jaguar "beautiful"?

    Must have been really tough when the Centurion screamed PLATOON ,FROM THE RIGHT NUMBER.                                                                           Regards
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    Operation"cut and run", effect on Cdn.Military.

    Tomahawk 6,Thanks for the kind words,however I connot agree with your contention that we(Canada)are "punching above our weight".5 plus divisions for a population of 18 mil. in WW2 was "punching above our weight" but a battalion battle group from a country with a population of 32...
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    Operation"cut and run", effect on Cdn.Military.

    Has anyone given any consideration to the effects on the military of the government`s decision to pullout of A-stan. I would be concerned with procurement,recruiting,and the morale of the troops,plus the effect upon the families who have lost loved ones in this conflict.                    ...
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    Gurkha ordered back to UK after beheading dead Taliban fighter

    Poor young man,does not seem to understand the 21 century concept of war,you should aim to make your enemy love you , not fear you. I am sure this a concept that a Gurkha would have difficulty getting his head around. Another point,I do not think anyone in the British Army,under the rank of...
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    Perception of MP’s by other Military Members?

    Oh Meathead ,oh Meathead  if you were a man you would take down your armband and go to Pusan where the whizbangs are flying and comfort are few and good men are dying for bast§%ds like you. I think that this anti MP thing is traditional and is part of the frontline pigs view of all REMF,s...
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    England V Germany 2010

    WW1 WW2 That's a long time ago when Britain was still run by gentlemen, and had not had years of Labour socialist yobs reducing the once proud country to an off shore version of Belgium. The football game,well Germany were not that great a team, but then again they didn't have to be to win...
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    Israel (IDF) versus Gaza aid ships- updates

    The  Mari Marmara seems to have been crewed by a mix of middle class,left wing idiots with a smattering of pro Hamas thugs.The Exodus was crewed by people fleeing a Europe that either actively tried to wipe them out or really didn`t give a damn one way or an other.. the British tried to insure...
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    Israel (IDF) versus Gaza aid ships- updates

    The SS Exodus was a shipload of Jewish refugees most of whom were survivors of Nazi death camps. The British leftist government decided they would be better off in British concentration camps on Cyprus,the refugees decided otherwise and some realised that while they had made a huge mistake in...