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  1. a_majoor

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    Outside of the economic turmoil in China now that the property and real estate market is seeing massive defaults (a second company has defaulted), Chinese debt diplomacy may also cause economic problems. The Chinese expended huge amounts of money to build these "string of pearls" ports/naval...
  2. a_majoor

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army is now using the Chinese 105mm SP. How many generations of equipment will pass before the Army replaces the 105? I suspect someone may be cleverly waiting for portable railgun technology or plasma ignition or some other futuristic technology, but none of these...
  3. a_majoor

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    An interesting story to follow is the collapse of the Evergrande group after essentially defaulting on $300 billion dollars in debt. Just to put it in perspective, this is about the same level of debt that Ontario has, or approaching a quarter of Canada's national debt. It isn't entirely clear...
  4. a_majoor

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    Don't let your RSM see this before parade practice!
  5. fs93c4ab1n771.jpg


  6. a_majoor

    Artist Turns an Ancient Japanese Battle Painting Into an Energetic Animation

    This is pretty amazing, especially when you look at some of the close ups, where details like farmers mustering for the battle can be seen: https://mymodernmet.com/animated-battle-of-sekigahara-yusuke-shigeta/
  7. a_majoor

    Informing the Army’s Future Structure

    It really depends on the sort of doctrine that is being used. Modern weapons bring what used to be Battalion and Company support weapons capabilties down to the Company and Platoon (think of things like the Javelin or Spike ATGM and Starstreak MANPAD). Many different types of weapons and...
  8. a_majoor

    Cognitive Warfare - Diplomacy or ?

    Interesting follow up to this topic - the use of "unconscious reprogramming" to affect populations: https://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2021/05/24/every-revolutionary-is-a-prophet-of-sorts-n1448868
  9. a_majoor

    Recruiting video comparisons

    I guess being all you can be is pretty passe these days:
  10. a_majoor

    What would happened if?

    If Hitler hadn't existed, WWII as we know it may not have happened, but all kinds of other strange outcomes were possible. WWI really overturned much of the social and cultural foundations of Europe, and new "alternative" strructures were struggling to take root. Fascism was wildly popular...
  11. a_majoor

    Cognitive Warfare - Diplomacy or ?

    This isn't cognitive warfare against China, it is Chinese cognitive warfare. Consider: So the US makes nothing of this, but it becomes an event played up by the Chinese press. Who are the target audiences? Certainly painting the USN as being unprofessional helps the Chinese, and is possibly...
  12. a_majoor

    Royal Marines experiment with jet suit

    While one can ask what happens if this is an opposed landing, this is a very interesting video and concept: Imagining a jet suit equipped man and UAV's leading a landing (or on land assaulting a tall building) brings all kinds of possibilities to mind
  13. a_majoor

    Azerbaijani and Armenian military Clashes

    A video summarizing the coflict:
  14. a_majoor

    Opener Blackfly aircraft

    A new electric aircraft is being developed and (apparently) soon to be marketed. While the current version can be considered a fairly expensive toy, the idea of an all electric VTOL without complex mving wings or rotors is very interesting, and it should be possible to scale this idea. These...
  15. Opener Blackfly.jpg

    Opener Blackfly.jpg

  16. Opener Blackfly.jpg

    Opener Blackfly.jpg

  17. a_majoor

    Domestic and Arctic Mobility Enhancement Project

    Reviving an old thread, based on an interesting article from Strategypage: https://strategypage.com/htmw/htseamo/articles/20201225.aspx While a nuclear powered, semi icebreaker LASH (Lighters Aboard Ship) might be a bit much, given the extreme conditions that it is ment to operate under, the...
  18. a_majoor

    Mosaic Warfare - US Doctrine

    I suspect the idea of "just-enough overmatch to succeed" does not mean no contingency reserves, but rather you only take out enough "Lego blocks" from the bin to do the job. If you under estimate, you (hastily) grab another handful of pieces, while if you overestimate, you (grudgingly) return...
  19. a_majoor

    Grand Strategy for a Divided America

    Secretary Mike Pompeo outlines a new American strategy focusing on fragility. This is a very "bottom up" and 4GW sort of thinking about defence and security issues: https://strategypage.com/on_point/20201222205918.aspx
  20. a_majoor

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    The United States reacts to joint Russian/Chinese patrols in the Pacific and Arctic. Of course this calls into question our ability to respond, especially in a meaningful way over a prolonged period of time...