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  1. Zoomie

    Our North - SSE Policy Update Megathread

    There is an initiative in the works to develop a robust FP element for RCAF MOBs.
  2. Zoomie

    Current Dress Regs

    Anyone deploying and needing IS2 for CBRNE need to do a fit test - which requires clean shaven face. Theoretically everyone in Latvia should be clean shaven, but somehow I doubt that is the case.
  3. Zoomie

    Canada to Spend $5.0Bil on AEW Aircraft

    AEW aircraft don’t need to be posted in the Arctic in order to assert Arctic dominance. Park them beside the STTC assets in YEG or YYC.
  4. Zoomie

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    USAF “leather” jackets are garbage. Painted on colour, cheap materials. RCAF jacket is quality build, real cow leather. Fits perfectly. Holds up well in pretty much every season I’ve thrown at it - including the Arctic.
  5. Zoomie

    Former CO, RSM of Alert charged

    No barbed wire on site. No fences at all. The conservation officer was aware.
  6. Zoomie

    CMMA - replacing the CP140 Aurora

    To be clear - the RCAF uses simulation to a high degree during Phase 3 and OTU training. We are not an outlier in this respect. Learning to fly an airplane from point A to point B in a structured environment at flight levels is rather simple. You can go down to the States, pay $5k and come...
  7. Zoomie

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Written by an outsider to the program who is simply repeating what lobbyists from the losing airframe have been saying for years. None of the "safety" issues that he mentioned are valid. The airplane is flying daily, it has dispatched SARTechs, it has flown in light/moderate icing. It's...
  8. Zoomie

    CMMA - replacing the CP140 Aurora

    We can't hire enough reservists to fill the positions available on the REO. I have two open Capt/Air Ops positions with zero interest. Civilian type rated pilots are of no value to the RCAF - flying a 737-NG is easy, tactically flying a P-8A and maintaining currency/proficiency is not feasible...
  9. Zoomie

    ACSO to PLT??

    Have your ULO book you an appointment with a PSO to discuss your options.
  10. Zoomie

    CMMA - replacing the CP140 Aurora

    Yup. Been doing it since at least when I started doing SAR in 2004. Corm free fall is relatively new, last 4-5 years. Static line is still only approved exit technique for operational jumps (ie with SARPELS and equipment) - can only do this on Fixed Wing.
  11. Zoomie

    CMMA - replacing the CP140 Aurora

    There are no side doors on the CC-295. We don’t dispatch STs via side door anymore - so moot point. The ramp on the Kingfisher is longer and wider than the Buff and Cormorant. We freefall off both those platforms safely.
  12. Zoomie

    CMMA - replacing the CP140 Aurora

    Probably not a good source of information for the 295 is Skies Magazine. Plane flies just fine, sensors work great - sky is not falling. Don’t get too riled up by the hype….
  13. Zoomie

    Fighter pilot requirement ( Bachelor degree)

    Degree doesn’t matter unless you want to be a Test Pilot later on in your career. Fighter selection is done primarily at Moose Jaw during phase 2 - kick ass at academics and flying and they will give you a a chance if the fit is right.
  14. Zoomie


    Where does this still happen? We wonder why we have a retention problem - it’s the leadership who perpetuate these examples that are slowly killing our numbers. I wouldn’t answer the phone at 5am for an early show, or the night before (call display FTW)! Military justice doesn‘t allow for...
  15. Zoomie

    Medical release vs retention?

    Each trade has its own medical standard - if you breach those standards DMCA 2 will look at your file and conduct an Admin Review. As long as you don’t breach UoS, they may come back and recommend retention with restrictions or COT is staffed. If you breach UoS, you can request a Period of...
  16. Zoomie

    Medical release vs retention?

    If your PCAT MELs breach UoS, you can be offered a Period of Retention to April 2025. They are redefining UoS in the meantime - if you are still in breach under new criteria, you will be released under 3(b). Essentially the new UoS will lower the bar on medical requirements, however will...
  17. Zoomie

    Shawn Ryan Show and CANSOF

    Still policy today - can’t deploy without updated C19.
  18. Zoomie

    Mystery objects/ Balloons over north America

    All seeing, all knowing….
  19. Zoomie

    RCAF pilots promotion and rank upgrade!

    there are four ”gates” spread out over the 20 incentive pay levels for Captain (pilot). Each mbr only needs to pass through each gate once in their career - usually each gate involves progressing significantly through milestones associated with being a Pilot. There are no “gates” for Major...
  20. Zoomie

    New Dress Regs 🤣

    G2G - do you have a NSN or anything. As Wing ALSEO, I am interested to see what our supply can do for our two piece crews. Separate topic - new high viz ranks for RCAF. Scuttlebutt from CWO network is that zoom suits will simply just use DEU rank slip ons- any FR concerns about those...