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  1. Kirkhill

    What is a ship?

    Some vessels and loads - length, displacement, crew What do you need for a crew? The US Army LSV looks to be exactly what the USMC is asking the USN to supply The USN looks as if it wants to supply something like the MUSV ships and keep the sailors off the ships entirely. The US Military...
  2. Kirkhill

    The Decline of the Liberal Party- Swerved Into a Confederation Topic

    As with Andrew Coyne, I have often found myself at odds with Jeffrey Simpson's views.... but I can't say I disagree with him here. A long read. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-liberal-party-decline-justin-trudeau/ Mr. Simpson is half way there in his appreciation of...
  3. Kirkhill

    Cybertech and Influence Activities

  4. Kirkhill

    Small Radio Networking and Clouds

    https://www.defenseone.com/defense-systems/2022/10/small-radios-armored-vehicles-will-be-big-step-toward-armys-networked-future/378305/ https://www.defenseone.com/defense-systems/2022/10/soldiers-can-use-their-phones-work-under-new-army-pilot/378097/ I can only imagine that the Ukrainian...
  5. Kirkhill

    Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2022/10/hybrid-electric-troop-transports-are-moving-toward-battlefield/378460/ Hybrid-Electric Troop Transports Are Moving Toward the Battlefield The quieter, cooler, less maintenance-intensive vehicles will make up at least part of the Army’s future fleet...
  6. Kirkhill

    Winning Friends and Influencing People - US and Saudi Arabia

    An interesting take on the US from a Saudi point of view. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/how-to-lose-friends-and-influence-over-people-saudi-arabia-obama-biden
  7. Kirkhill

    Matthew McConaughey and Uvalde

    Celebrity opinion and Esquire are not high on my reading list but some noise must have penetrated my filters. This is a tale of compromise. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/a41502792/matthew-mcconaughey-gun-reform-uvalde/
  8. Kirkhill

    Nigerian Parachute Demonstration -

  9. Kirkhill

    Air Mobility Det from Tactical Airlift Det at Prestwick

    Prestwick as an Operational Support Hub? Good field. Good weather (by British standards). Close to deepwater docks in Glasgow. Handy to Faslane and Galloway and Carrick make for good training grounds. And Prestwick is looking for something to do with itself when the USAF isn't busy in...
  10. Kirkhill

    Artillery Logistics Lessons.

    Time to stop blaming the Peace Dividend politicians. The supply problem predates that by 40 years or so. How the West is racing to stop Ukraine's guns falling silent
  11. Kirkhill

    Joint Force Arsenal

    I'm starting this thread because I am finding it difficult to keep discussions within the narrow confines of the threads on this board. I have become a serial violator of silos as I invariably find that everything is connected to everything else. In my cluttered mind this is becoming more...
  12. Kirkhill

    Denmark Rebuilding its Navy

    5.5 BUSD over 20 years - to be built in Denmark. https://www.thedefensepost.com/2022/08/18/denmark-invest-navy/ And working with the RN to show it how to build, maintain and operate the Type 31 / Ivar Huitfeldts...
  13. Kirkhill

    Follow the Science - Or is that Poli Science?

  14. Kirkhill

    A-10 Warthog

    The A-10 - Not Dead Yet? https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/a-10-warthogs-tusks-are-being-sharpened-for-a-high-end-fight ACE defined https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/39278/air-force-f-35-stealth-fighters-are-now-operating-from-guams-austere-airfield Weaponry options
  15. Kirkhill

    Zelenskyy Perturbed at Friend Trudeau

    I thought this was sufficiently noteworthy to justify its own thread. Feel free to merge it with Ukraine.
  16. Kirkhill

    How The Artillery Works - M777

    This is from the perspective of the US Army but as a civilian I found it incredibly informative. Although as a Brit I would point out that the scientific basis of field artillery predates Napoleon by the best part of a century. Woolwich, Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers were Warranted on...
  17. Kirkhill

    Norway's Ramjet Developments - Ukraine?

    The Ukrainians are asking for range. Norway's NAMMO has been touting their Ramjet developments since 2015 at least (150 successful test burns as of 2019). I wonder if any of these systems are making it into the field. When applied to 155mm x L52 artillery NAMMO claims ranges of up to 150 km...
  18. Kirkhill

    Norway Drops Airbus NH90. Wants Refund

    https://www.defensenews.com/industry/2022/06/10/norway-ends-contract-for-nh90-helicopters-wants-full-refund/ Joins Australia https://www.flightglobal.com/helicopters/australia-plans-early-retirement-for-nh90-helicopters-as-it-lines-up-black-hawk-order/146797.article Franco-German project...
  19. Kirkhill

    Lomborg on War and Food - Organics and Hydrocarbons

    Bjorn Lomborg suggests scientists over gurus. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-the-painful-food-truths-exposed-by-russias-war-in-ukraine/
  20. Kirkhill

    Arty UAS Swarms - And when does the class change from RRCA to RCAF?

    https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/28-drone-swarm-just-paved-way-for-simulated-army-air-assault-mission Related https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/watch-this-switchblade-suicide-drone-attack-a-russian-tank-in-ukraine And no, I don't have a clue how these pieces fit together with...