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    "Vibe" of CIS-White men [Road Split from: Sexual Misconduct in the CAF

    Sometimes I wonder why more women don't participate here and then I read threads like this... Before I dip out, I'm going to share one thing you likely don't know and remind you of something you gloss over. 1. CMR in the 80s, female cadets were often not believed when they complained of...
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    RCAF Mess Ottawa

    Anybody know what happened to the mess? The website says it's closed permanently. WTH?
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    New MND - Anita Anand

    Looks like we're getting a new MND. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cabinet-announcement-trudeau-1.6225121 She wasn't on my radar at all, but first glances are positive. She seems to be well-educated and credible. On va voir... AK
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    Crossing the US Border with Military Vaccination Docs

    Good day all, Has anyone crossed the border recently? I'm wondering if the US border officials would have any issues with my proof of vaccination. I would hate to make plans and then get an unpleasant surprise. Thanks, AK
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    Purchasing Combat Boots in NCR

    Good day all, Can you advise what store has the best inventory of combat boots in the Ottawa area? I stopped at Fundy Tactical but they had nothing in my size (female 8). They said they would order in a pair for me to try but I never heard from them again. Currently wearing a pair of Swats...
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    Pay Raise 2021

    The pay raise is official with CANFORGEN 2021 released today. https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/maple-leaf/defence/2021/03/caf-members-receive-pay-increase.html And there was great joy and celebration...
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    Free Ladies White Summer Mess Jacket - To Gift

    Good day, A friend passed on her summer mess jacket to me and it's too big in the shoulders.  I estimate it should fit size 14-16 but I can't really be sure. If you are interested in trying it, once movement restrictions are lifted I'll be happy to meet you or even mail it.  I'm currently...
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    Release Application Portal

    Good day, Has anybody found the link to this "Release Application portal that is referenced in the release administrative instructions?  My searches aren't finding me anything.  Including a link or address would have certainly been helpful... Thanks! AK
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    New AF Parka

    Has anyone heard any reviews on the new parka yet?  Is it any sort of improvement on the old blue gortex? Cheers, AK