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    Question for a Recruiter

    Hello..... I thought I'd reach out here as we've hit a brick wall and I'm looking for a 2nd opinion. I'm the father here posting about my son's situation, as he's currently working on a remote construction project in N. Sask. and has almost (but not quite) written off his CF application due to...
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    What happened to Recruiting Standards?

    A question for the recruiters - What the heck happened to recruiting standard? My child (trying to be as ambiguous as possible so as not to identify) has now been in the CF for about five months. When s/he first suggested an interest in the CF, I was thrilled. I explained in great detail how...
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    Legalized Prostitution

    The Alberta Government has recently announced that it will enact legislation that authorizes the seizure of vehicles for those caught attempting to purchase sex. This letter was recently published in one of our local papers. Funny and to the point...
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    Question about Ticketmaster

    How positively, absolutely irritating. Just booked tickets online through Ticketmaster for a concert.  Purchase price was $49.00 each. Yikes! Then comes the faculty fee of $1.00 per ticket. What? The promoter doesn't pay enough in rent? Now comes the aggravating part. Each ticket has a...
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    Dingwall gets severence package

    By now, most of us that visit the Political Forum are well aware that David Dingwall just received a severance package of over $400,000 plus benefits for his resignation/firing from the Canadian Mint. This stinks to high heaven, but is perhaps appropriate as one of the Liberals last official...
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    James Blunt - Musician

    I just bought a CD by James Blunt titled 'Back to Bedlam' I had seen an interview the other day on MuchMusic that outlined his past as a former Captain in the Horse Guards of the Household Cavalry. The fellow got out in 2002 after serving about five years, including a tour in Yugo in '99. His...
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    Military Waste - Worthington Article

    Not sure of the rules for posting and article, so here is the link instead: http://torontosun.canoe.ca/News/Columnists/Worthington_Peter/2005/11/20/1314590.html Another great military article by Worthington. He is one of the few journalists that can take shots at the military but still retain...
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    Winter Election?

    Calling all Ontarians. What is up with Ontario voters? I am so very confused by the lack of a public uproar over the Gomery findings. Although by the narrow scope of the inquiry, Martin was 'vindicated', there is no question of the culpability of the Liberal Party in using stolen funds to help...