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  1. Journeyman

    March 2021 Ottawa Security Conference

    This year's CDAI Ottawa Conference theme of "Securing Democracy and Sovereignty against a Thousand Cuts" is DEFINITELY timely! Discount registration is available via Early-bird (for a few more days), DND/CAF, or student. https://cdainstitute.ca/ottawa-conference-2021…
  2. Journeyman

    FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Usurpation of U.S. Foreign Policy

    https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/ukraine/2019-10-03/usurpation-us-foreign-policy Mira Rapp-Hooper, "The Usurpation of U.S. Foreign Policy: How the Trump-Zelensky Call Corrodes American Power," Foreign Affairs, 3 Oct 2019.  [Copyright Foreign Affairs] Last week’s revelation that Donald...
  3. Journeyman

    Looking back on Afghanistan

    The latest issue of the US Army War College publication, Parameters,  is dedicated to 'lessons learned' (possibly) from Afghanistan.  LINK It leads with an insightful overview by Sir Hew Strachan, who identifies two imperatives: 1.  The first is that of the needs of coalition warfare.  While...
  4. Journeyman

    Discussing Politics

    The journal, Foreign Affairs,  recently republished a lengthy 2017 article, "How America Lost Faith in Expertise: And Why That's a Giant Problem" -- presumably because the problem has only gotten worse in the intervening two years.  LINK It has been posted, in two parts, within "Articles and...
  5. Journeyman

    FOREIGN AFFAIRS: How America Lost Faith in Expertise 2/2

    https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/united-states/2017-02-13/how-america-lost-faith-expertise Tom Nichols, "How America Lost Faith in Expertise:  And Why That's a Giant Problem, Foreign Affairs,  March/April 2017  (reprinted August 2019) Part 2 of 2 SURREALITY-BASED COMMUNITY The...
  6. Journeyman

    FOREIGN AFFAIRS: How America Lost Faith in Expertise 1/2

    https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/united-states/2017-02-13/how-america-lost-faith-expertise Tom Nichols, "How America Lost Faith in Expertise:  And Why That's a Giant Problem, Foreign Affairs,  March/April 2017  (reprinted August 2019) Part 1 of 2 In 2014, following the Russian invasion...
  7. Journeyman

    ECONOMIST "What to make of the Mueller report"

    https://www.economist.com/united-states/2019/04/19/what-to-make-of-the-mueller-report Copyright: The Economist, 19 Apr 2019 Robert Mueller’s magnum opus What to make of the Mueller report The redacted version suggests that Donald Trump is his own worst enemy The most eagerly anticipated work...
  8. Journeyman

    Strategic Policy: Global War on Terror

    We have several threads on terrorism, which generally focus upon either Jihadist and Extreme Right/Anarchist forms, and not overarching counter-terrorism thinking. This thread has therefore been opened based on the attached article, which addresses higher-level strategic thoughts on our [poorly...
  9. Journeyman

    Editorial Opinion

    Posted here and not with the Politics cartoons, because: a) apparently comments cannot be made in the cartoon tread; b) I believe discussion is required, as Canadian and especially US News is increasingly "WTF." While dated, it covers the politicization of current news services perfectly. ...
  10. Journeyman

    Wynne approval ratings

    To even ask, you must not know of our Premier... and her satanic minions, Ontario Hydro and MTO.
  11. Journeyman

    Great Power Wars stem from Political Confusion

    Copyright Foreign Policy Now, the US may  actually have a post-conflict vision for the Middle East;  if so, it's a very closely held secret.  The handling of Qatar however, suggests the opposite.
  12. Journeyman

    How to do PRes Recruiting (split from:Militia role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System)

    Quote from: milnews.ca on Today at 07:20:18 One option shared with Senators this week ... That's a polite way of saying CFRG can take a year (+) to get someone to the enrollment stage.  Most rational people will say, "for part-time employment? Get stuffed!" Ri-iiight.  That's  the stumbling...
  13. Journeyman

    Coolest WW 2 plane (split from F-35 thread)

    World War Two produced only one aircraft more cool than the P-38....the Mosquito....with the A-10 loving grunt in me insisting that the Ju-87 (particularly the 87G) round out the top three /tangent
  14. Journeyman

    Rant - 2014 Army Calendars

    First off, let me state right up front that I have little-to-no use for the paid propagandists of the Public Affairs branch.  With all of the ongoing efforts of cutting PYs, it's beyond me why we keep people who have so little to show since their establishment.*  (I won't apologize for my...
  15. Journeyman

    Current Trends in CF Releases

    There seems to be an increase in troops leaving the CF. I'm seeing fewer soldiers available for exercise and I've heard of one Infantry company being stood down for lack of soldiers. Beyond the generic "I joined for the 'adventure' of Afghanistan and that's gone now," I was wondering what may...
  16. Journeyman

    Military Honour

    Despite Hurricane Sandy shutting down the eastern seaboard, the men of the 3rd Infantry Regiment continue their vigil at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
  17. Journeyman

    CWO (Ret'd) John Vass

    Chief Warrant Officer John Vass, Sr. (Ret'd) succumbed to cancer yesterday, 11 April 2012, at Kingston, ON. He had a very distinguished career in the RCEME and a longstanding connection with The Royal Canadian Regiment, the Canadian Airborne Regiment in both Edmonton and Petawawa, and Princess...
  18. Journeyman

    Discussion About Maroon Berets? split- more infantry work. Artillery or Armored

    Do you have a source for that?
  19. Journeyman

    BGen C de L 'Kip' Kirby (Ret'd)

    During the afternoon of 16 March 2011.    RIP.  :salute: "The ultimate anti-tank weapon is the infantryman's bayonet at the throat of the tank commander." "Preparation for the worst case will automatically prepare the Canadian Forces for any lesser instance."                                ...
  20. Journeyman

    Personal Message Limit

    Mike: Why is there a limit of 10 Personal Messages per hour? When catching up with someone who is deployed/on TD or exchanging messages with multiple people, it's very easy to exceed this restraint. ...especially when adhering to the Mods' advice to "take it to PMs" rather than ruffle feathers...