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  1. lenaitch

    Condos For Juno Beach?

    It seems Juno Beach is being eyed for development, and the Juno Beach Centre is concerned for its future: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/no-respect-for-our-military-d-day-beach-could-be-developed-into-condos-1.5881260
  2. lenaitch

    RCMP First Contract

    I don't think this has been posted before, but if ratified, it looks like they have negotiated a pretty decent first contract that brings the RCMP members back in line with their peers and might help slow the bleeding...
  3. lenaitch

    OP Boxtop

    Article online reports that the RCAF has moved CC-130 and CC-177 aircraft to Yellowknife to support the re-supply mission to CFS Alert.  I assume the regular route involves fuel stops at Gander and/or Thule.  Do our Globemasters not have the plumbing for in-flight re-fueling or is a matter of...