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  1. Gunplumber

    Mess dues

    So I am being told that Mess dues are due. The Mess is closed and wont be open for a long time. No one is working in the Mess. There is nothing being bought or used in the Mess. Is it right and can they ask for Mess dues?
  2. Gunplumber

    Sleeves up in Cadpat

    Does anyone have an official document of where it says that sleeves can not be worn up? I assumed that on the new type it just wasnt possible but I still have some of the old ones and like them in the summer as I can roll up the sleeves. Now I am being told that I cant but no one has any proof...
  3. Gunplumber

    Pension and CPP

    So I have just been told by a retiree that once you start getting CPP that it comes off of your military pension. How does that work?
  4. Gunplumber

    Medical part 2

    A buddy of mine is going for a class B job and did his part II but didn't get a chit because he will get some more care. He's not on category but needs to prove that to get the job. How can this be done?
  5. Gunplumber

    Defence Deputy Minister commendation pin

    Is the pin for this worn on uniform or is it just on civilian blazers, cant find much in the Honours and Awards section on the GGs site.
  6. Gunplumber

    Long service chevrons

    Just curious if there has been any rumours if they are thinking about bringing back long service chevrons?
  7. Gunplumber

    Buttons: crossed baton and sword with wreath

    Could any of the supply people tell me if the buttons with crossed baton and sword with wreath for general officers are still in the system? If so is there an NSN? Colin
  8. Gunplumber

    Int op courses this year

    How often do they run the basic Int op courses? I will joining soon and I am just trying to find out a bit of info. Thanks
  9. Gunplumber

    Army Aiguillettes

    Does anyone know where I can get the old pattern Army Aiguillettes with the green stripe in it? The military ones worn on the left side and not the right side ones. Thanks