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    Canadian Charities that help Veterans.

    I am wondering what Charities their are in Canada to help our Veterans. The pros and cons of them, which ones spend more money, or less money on admin. Also which ones actually do more for the dollar earned for Canadian Troops? I was listening to the Drinking Brothers pod cast the other day...
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    What if

    What if we stopped buying oil from the Middle East until such time as the terrorism is sorted out by the respective countries?  Could this possibly solve the problem? It seems no matter who you are once you hit the pocket book people and countries start to cave in and sort themselves out...
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    OPSEC & Afghanistan

    more then likely, 105s, 81mms, 155s, 25mm, 5.56, .50 fully auto and bolt action. 60mm, 40mm, 7.62, frag grenades, smoke grenades hcc and wp. Signal flares, All this info can be retrived off the DND website as to type of equipment the military uses. As for actual usage with in Afganistan,  we...
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    Are we prepard for a terrorist attack or any other attack

    After seeing the ability with in Canada over the past few years respond to different situations, forest fires, ice storms, earth quake preparedness etc I have come to the conclusion that we are not ready to support operations with in our country on anything more then a small localized problem...
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    STOLEN dirt bike

    my 1983 xr 350 dirt bike was stolen from CFB Borden on July first 05.  It is red in color and has a black seat on it. I figure the theives stole the bike and covered it with a blue tarp which they also stole. If any one seen this  email me or the MP's.
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    Well I am trying to find out what qualifications are equivalent, ie JLC JNCO(reserve to reg), Reserve course to Regular force courses such as ql3, 4 and 5. I am trying to get as much info as I can if any one can help it would be appreciated. Its a long story but the short of it is that I am...
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    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Just a Question for the expeirenced group. how much do you like your job, how much time is spent in the field, what do you actually do.( drive trucks cars vans buses etc) I am thinking of transfering over but I would like some first hand Knowledge. if it is even going to be a decent job. Seems...
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    Well here goes. We all wonder why morale of the troops, sailors and airmen is so low. I have one fine example of the modern day leadership of the CF. Here my class is we have one guy at mir for stomach pains and the rest of us doing our work. An hour later the course directer Sgt &*^%$#@!@#...