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    All things CF98 (merged)

    All depends on the unit too as has been stated.  I know I can go in and sign out any PER as a Master at my unit. DM
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    MedTech Training: NCM-SEP vs. MOC@JIBC

    I have some friends at work that have challenged the Ontario AEMCA exam with a valid BC license and I'm in the process of doing the same.  You email them at the above MOH link and they will send you some files that you are required to fill out.  One is "Verification of Licensure/Registration"...
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    Medical Technician's and the Combat Arms.

    I know I had to get permission to be air sentry in my Bison.  Was actually there for a month before it happened.  Due to decreased manning, I was also air sentry in a LAV and TLAV at times. We were also told NOT to wear the red crosses outside of KAF or anything medical related (ie: no MEDIC...
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    OT Status

    I put in my OT in Feb, got it in the beginning of Mar and it was effective Mar26.  But I haven't heard of too many others getting them that fast. DM
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    Medical Technician's and the Combat Arms.

    Chances are highly unlikely you will be given a C9 or C6, you need to remain mobile in case anyone is injured, plus the MG is a pretty essential piece of kit in an infantry section.  Having said that tho, you are trained in how to use them and most medics end up doing SQ and spend some time...
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    Medical Technician ( Med Tech )

    Reserves are ideal for post-secondary school people.  Most of the training is geared for being run in the summer.  Pretty much means you have a "decent" summer job. MedTech will pretty much just give you an idea of what you will be getting into.  Plus the basic anatomy/physiology wouldn't hurt...
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    Health Serivces on Leave Question

    Depends on the base, Petawawa doesn't do it.  All up to the Base Surg As for Physio, most of the Pet CDUs have physio come in on certain days during sick parade (0730-1000).  I don't recall the days as it's been a while since I have worked Sick Parade DM
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    NCM-SEP Med Tech career path

    FYI, we do not challenge the AEMCA after the course.  Just the OJT medication exam...unless things have changed in the last year... We do have the option of challenging it tho with more ease. DM
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    Medical Technician ( Med Tech )

    I would just like to say that it doesn't matter what element you pick, you can end up anywhere.  I am Navy on an Army base.  I know Navy/Air that have never been posted to their respected element bases. There is more to being a medic than working CDUs on the army bases.  CFH is the warehouse...
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    "N.B. paramedic academy to train military medics"

    AEC is now run as part of the 5s.  In my opinion the OR was great.  I managed to see some stuff I would most likely will never get to see again.  The course itself is almost TACMED taught by civvies...take that as you want.
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    Med Gear Site

    I wouldn't worry too much about buying them.  They have them over here already.  And yes, they are as good as the reports say.  Most of my Israeli's in my med bag have been switched out to them.  The dressing alone is a lot better, plus the added bonus of packing in the dressing it nice.  I'm...
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    Purple Trades: Definition & Trg Discussion

    You need NETP (Naval Environmental Training Program) to go on ship.  Also need your 5s as a medic to go on ship.  90% of new medics are sent to Fd Ambs.  The other 9% are service couples or extenuating circumstances.  1% are just lucky.... DM
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    Tactical combat casualty care ( TCCC )

    Cook sets have been recalled.  No longer used overseas as they aren't long enough, and bulky as hell.  Now using a 10G x 4". Also bare in mind, ALL the vehicles overseas have trauma bags in them.  As well, every soldier has his own "med supplies".  So don't get too caught up in carrying a lot...
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    Hypertonic saline dextran (HSD)

    Even tho the protocol is 2x 250cc HSD, typically in the field/UAS we have been sticking to 1x250cc followed by N/S.  The reason for that is the previous ROTO found that with a BP sub 100, after administration of 250cc HSD the BP would jump to roughly 180.  Not good for any clots that may have...
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    Posted to 2 FD -Maintenance?

    Can't comment on that.  Except for my on car time through JIBC, I haven't done any civie side stuff.  But from that, I know it depends on where the station is and the time of year.  Sometimes we went from call to call, other times we sat in the station watching movies and sleeping all shift.