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clip Server Availability

January 11, 2018, 10:12:12 by Mike Bobbitt
Folks, for the first time in a long time, good news.

According to our monitoring tools, had 100% uptime in December. That means that for the entire month of December, the server was never unavailable.* For the keeners in the group, our monitoring report from 30 Nov to now is attached.

Thanks to everyone for your patience through our past frustrations... I can't guarantee it is all behind us, but I will take the good news while I can!


* Some caveats, early every Sunday morning the server reboots to keep it fresh as a daisy. This usually takes less than 1 minute.
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xx Trials begin for the world’s smallest operational military aircraft

January 10, 2018, 14:09:31 by Old Sweat
This report by ADM(Mat) staff is reproduced under the Fair Dealings provisions of the Copyright Act. It highlights trials of a fascinating development in UAV technology.

Trials begin for the world’s smallest operational military aircraft

The Canadian Army and the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command are conducting the first-ever operational trials and evaluations on the latest version of the smallest operational military aircraft in the world – the Black Hornet 3, made by FLIR.

Weighing just a few dozen grams, it consists of two aircraft, a hand controller and a chest-mounted tablet, all fitting into a small shoebox-sized package. The aircraft has a range of over a kilometer with video and night-vision capabilities.

This equipment opens up a whole range of possibilities and both commands will seek innovative ways to evolve tactics, techniques and procedures to use this new capability, assess its usefulness and identify requirements.
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Armyca-Ico Is there any place I can find photos and videos?

December 05, 2017, 21:24:43 by ARcan
So my friends were showing me some pictures and videos they took during training or just random stuff at the base.

First question:
Is it okay to take pictures and videos during any military operation? Cause it seems like everyone is doing it.

Second question:
Where can I find some pictures and videos of Canadian Forces? Mainly user uploaded, nothing official. I am mostly interested in the Armoured Reconnaissance unit.
6 comments | Write Comment

xx Hunting

August 28, 2017, 07:38:33 by Somethinginteresting
For armored nvm/officers and infantry ncm/officers, is hunting encouraged if living on base?  Do you still need to get deer tags or is it open season haha   ^-^
I know this may be a silly question but I am just trying to see what the attitude is like about this on bases.
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xx 2 RCR/Gagetown life

March 31, 2017, 01:15:17 by Nate7475
I just accepted a CT to 2 RCR from Pres and have never worked with 2RCR/been to gagetown. I have been on a few Reg force exercises with 1 RCR and have a basic understanding of the life/culture there such as stay away from Dukes coy like the plague. What can I look forward to and what can I dread about my new life in 2 RCR? How does living in Gagetown compare to other bases?

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xx D&S

February 28, 2017, 15:31:34 by Prelude
Hey not sure if this is the best forum for the question but anyway, just wondering what D&S or camp security entails overseas. Thanks in advance
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While there are many causes for which a state goes to war, its fundamental object can be epitomized as that of ensuring the continuance of its policy -- in face of the determination of the opposing state to pursue a contrary policy. In the human will lies the source and mainspring of conflict.

- Sir Basil H. Liddel-Hart

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The Princess of Wales' Own Regiment: Nunquam Cede (Never yeild)


The Honourable Sir Alexander Campbell is appointed Minister of Militia and Defence


The North Saskatchewan Regiment: Cede Nullis (Yeild to none)


British troops are withdrawn from the fortress at Halifax as it is transferred to Canada


THE ROER, effective dates for battle honour begin (to 31 Jan 45)

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